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BaseClear offers an attractively priced standard PCR-cloning service. For a fixed price, we will execute your PCR cloning project and verify the results with DNA sequencing, all within 10 working days.

Our PCR cloning service in short:

  • Send in a minimum of 100 ng of PCR products containing one specific band and include a gel picture OR send in a minimum of 50 uL raw PCR product
  • Maximum length of PCR products is 1500 bp
  • For efficient cloning, PCR products need to be 3’ adenylated and purified. 
  • Please indicate on the sample sheet whether we need to perform these additional steps for you 
  • Positive clones containing inserts of the indicated length will be identified by colony PCR, and inserts of 3 clones will be verified by sequencing using vectorprimers 
  • When available, the sequences will be aligned to a reference sequence
  • BaseClear guarantees the complete confidentiality of all client information, project data and biological samples during or after the termination of the project
  • In case of gene toxicity, the client is olbiged to pay the full price. Gene toxicity will be determined by comparing ligation efficiency and transformation efficiency.
Optional possibilities:
  • PCR product purification
  • A-tailing
  • A small aliquot of the isolated clones can be sent back to the customer as purified DNA

Meet Danny Duijsings!

Danny is our R&D director. He has a background in molecular virology and holds a Ph.D. from Wageningen University. He has years of experience in the field of molecular biology in both the academic world and biotech industry.

Testimonial Abbott Biologicals

For our production it is important to check for microbiological contamination and to subsequent identify these on the basis of its DNA. BaseClear does excellent work and always sticks to the agreement made. I always receive a response within an hour.

Microbiological Specialist - Abbott Biologicals


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