Webinar: Exploring Live Biotherapeutic Products: From Discovery to Regulatory Compliance

Join us for an insightful webinar delving into the realm of Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs). This webinar will bring together experts to share knowledge around the entire LBP lifecycle, encompassing discovery, production quality control, and crucial regulatory perspectives.

Live Biotherapeutic Products have shown promising results in addressing a wide range of conditions. The versatility of LBP’s in targeting different aspects of human health underscores their potential in advancing healthcare across multiple therapeutic areas. Recent technological advancements in sequencing technology and bioinformatics have fueled the growth of the live biotherapeutics market. With more research focusing in this space, the regulatory landscape governing LBPs has been an evolving process.

In this engaging session, expert speakers will discuss the intricacies of LBP discovery, shedding light on innovation and emerging trends, diving deep into quality control strategies essential for ensuring batch-to-batch consistency and safety, and discussing compliance considerations, and other key regulatory frameworks shaping the LBP industry. Whether you’re a researcher, industry professional, or regulatory specialist, this webinar offers unparalleled insights and practical knowledge essential for success in the dynamic field of Live Biotherapeutic Products. Join us and embark on a journey towards unlocking the full potential of LBPs in healthcare and beyond!

What you can expect:

Date: May 2024, exact date to be confirmed
Time: 10.00 - 11.30 CET
Moderator: Dr. Radhika Bongoni - Commercial Director, BaseClear


  • 10.00    Welcome & Opening by Dr. Radhika Bongoni, Commercial Director – BaseClear
  • 10.15    LBP Discovery
    Spaeker TBC
  • 01.30    Production & Quality Control
    Speaker TBC
  • 10.45     Regulatory Perspectives
    Speaker TBC
  • 11.00    Q&A Session
  • 11.20    Closing Remarks

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