Online experts meeting on Microbiome & Animal Health and Performance – October 29, 2020

On October 29, 2020 BaseClear had organised an online experts meeting on Microbiome & Animal Health and Performance, At this meeting industry experts from DSM Animal Nutrition & Health, BaseClear, Olmix, Alltech, Phileo by Lesaffre and Biomin discussed animal microbiome studies and regulatory aspects. This meeting has 2 sessions themed “Microbiome link to animal health” and “Modulating the animal microbiome”.

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The animal microbiome industry, while still in its early years, is advancing rapidly thanks to consumer demand and growing interest in the development of new technologies based on microbial interactions. In this online meeting 6 industry experts will share their research and insights.


  • Dr. Derek Butler | Commercial Director, BaseClear
  • Dr. Radhika Bongoni | Head of Business Development, BaseClear

Session 1: Microbiome link to animal performance & health
Start at 10.30 Central European Time

  • KEYNOTE: Ruminations on sustainability: Reducing methane emissions by targeting the rumen microbiome
    Dr. Nicola Walker | EMEA Principal Scientist – DSM Animal Nutrition & Health
  • Culturomics: revealing microbial diversity
    Dr. Aleksandrina Patyshakuliyeva | Product Manager Animal Microbiome – BaseClear
  • Effect of immuno-modulating algae extract on monogastric animal
    Dr. Frédérick Bussy | Algo-Ceutical Product Specialist – Olmix

Session 2: Modulation the animal microbiome
Start at 15.00 Central European Time

  • Modulation of Microbial Diversity – Opportunities for Health and Wellbeing
    Dr. Richard Murphy | Research Director – Alltech
  • Probiotic yeasts to improve gut health in swine
    Dr. Tadele Kiros | R&D Manager-Swine – Phileo by Lesaffre
  • Designing efficacy trials for EU authorisation of feed additives
    DI(FH) Karin Schöndorfer | Regulatory Affairs Manager – Biomin

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