Webinar: Solutions, analysis & standardization in animal microbiome

BaseClear invites you to register for a webinar on Animal Microbiome Research. This interactive webinar will be aired live on Thursday 23rd of July at 15.00 C.E.T. / 14.00 B.S.T. / 9.00 E.D.T.. Duration of the meeting is approximately 1,5 hours. Register for free by filling in the form below.

The animal microbiome industry, while still in its early years, is advancing rapidly thanks to consumer demand and growing interest in the development of new technologies based on microbial interactions. The 3 high level speakers of this webinar will discuss solutions, analysis & standardization in animal microbiome.

The Expert Speakers

BaseClear is proud to introduce speaker Dr. Tadele Kiros. Tadele joined Phileo Lesaffre Animal care on March 2016. Currently Tadele is working as swine R&D manager and global R&D coordinator. Tadele has a DVM degree in tropical veterinary epidemiology and a PhD degree in the area of microbiology and immunology. Tadele will discuss the effect of live a probiotic yeast (Actisaf Sc 47) supplementation on the performance and hindgut microbiota composition of suckling and weanling piglets.

The second speaker is Dr. Ali May, BaseClear’s Product Manager Bioinformatics specialising on animal microbiome applications. He will present tailored approaches for the analysis of animal microbiome (shotgun metagenomics) projects, where the results and importance of integrating animal-specific microbial gene and genome databases will be given the spotlight. Would you like to learn how you can boost the species-level taxonomic annotation of shotgun reads from 15% to 85% to fully characterise your animal microbiome project? Tune in!

Last but not least is Dr. Joshua Claypool from DSM Nutritional Products. As scientist his work is focusing on how to translate research in the animal microbiome space into a fundamental piece of how we understand animal production systems that can be leveraged into discovery of new products and combinations of products. Joshua will elaborate on the DSM goal to make all published data FAIR (“Findable”, “Accessible”, “Interoperable”, and “Reusable”)  such as to improve the rigor to which it is conducted and insights developed from the entire field.

The meeting will be hosted by Dr. Radhika Bongoni. Radhika is Business Developer at BaseClear, with focus on markets for application of microbial genomics in food, feed and pharma industries. Radhika received her Ph.D. in Food technology from Wageningen University & Research and an MBA from Tias School for Business & Society.

Webinar Animal Microbiome

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