Whole Plasmid Sequencing

Plasmids play a crucial role in molecular biology research, as they often carry genes that confer advantageous traits such as antibiotic resistance or the ability to produce specific proteins. Understanding the sequence of a plasmid is essential for unraveling its function and studying its interactions within microbial communities.

Oxford Nanopore Technologies’ (ONT) long, continuous reads are ideal for sequencing large plasmids and assembling complex structures, showcasing its versatility across various sample types, including low-quality and degraded DNA. While traditional sequencing methods like Sanger sequencing, remains valuable for specific applications requiring high accuracy, whole plasmid sequencing provides a comprehensive and streamlined approach for studying plasmid biology in diverse research contexts

Our ONT whole plasmid sequencing service delivers high quality, full-lenth sequence information for secure characterisation of plasmids. As a certified ONT service provider, we utilise the latest technology to sequence plasmids, with a short turnaround time of just 1 business day*!

Benefits of plasmid sequencing

By sequencing the entire plasmid at once, you can quickly obtain comprehensive genetic information without the need for fragment assembly, thereby reducing the risk of errors and achieving more reliable results.

  • Quick and easy identification of plasmid insert size and orientation
  • Verification of entire vector sequence
  • Available from one sample, and also by plate
  • Resolves repeat regions, dimers and deletions
  • Make detection of contaminants or unexpected products possible
  • No complicated primer walking and annealing issues

Why choose BaseClear?

  • Fast: We offer same day service, with results guaranteed to be delivered within 1 business day*.
  • Comprehensive: Providing fast verification of the entire vector sequence, we offer a complete list of deliverables. Simply submit your samples and we will take care of the rest! Sample pick-up service is also available for added convenience.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing, with fast turnaround time. Ask us about full plate volume pricing.

* For < 24 bundles different turnaround times apply. Please contact your account manager for more information on turnaround times and pricing.

Plasmid sequencing workflow


Clinical microbiology: Studying plasmid dynamics within microbial communities to understand the spread of antibiotic resistance genes and other mobile genetic elements to develop better treatment strategies.

Biotechnology: Engineering plasmids serves diverse biotechnological goals, from protein production to gene therapy and various biotechnological applications such as verifying genetic modifications and ensuring GMO safety.

Environmental monitoring: Assessing the impact of anthropogenic activities on microbial populations and their genetic diversity to facilitate the development of eco-friendly waste management strategies.


  • FastQ files
  • Raw data quality report (Nanoplot)
  • Assembled and polished Plasmid sequence in fasta format.
  • Annotated plasmid sequence in genbank format.
  • Circular view of annotated plasmid in html format.

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