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Our laboratory is well equipped with the most modern instruments and utilizes the newest DNA technologies. The lab is completely GMP and ISO compliant. We decided to organise our complete laboratory according to the ISO17025 standard, which enables us to extend the ISO accreditation for other tests should it be necessary. Our lab has been ISO17025 accredited for paternity and forensic testing since 2006 (RvA, L457). We believe that working according to such quality standard is where the future lies. 

BaseClear’s technical team consists of experienced product specialists, who are 
able to optimize the experimental procedures in order to obtain optimal results. BaseClear aspires long-term relationships with her customers, who come from several branches worldwide, such as research institutes, universities, pharmaceuticals, biotech companies, food industry and seed suppliers.

Meet Karen den Hollander!

Karen is our quality manager. Our complete laboratory is organised according to the ISO17025 norm, and Karen makes sure all procedures are up to date and efficient.


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