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BaseClear has access to the latest technologies for DNA and RNA research and analysis. Our lab is equipped with the latest sequencing technologies including the Illumina HiSEQ2500, Illumina MiSEQ and PacBio RS II, PacBio Sequel and Oxford Nanopore MinION. With our automated lab protocols and optimized internal processes we can offer our customers high quality results with fast and guaranteed delivery times.

  • Nanopore sequencing

    Nanopore sequencing

    Since 2014 BaseClear is working with the innovative Nanopore sequencing technology of Oxford Nanopore Technologies. In 2017 BaseClear has launched nanopore sequencing as an official service, and invites researchers from all over the world to submit genomics projects for rapid-turnaround, ultra-long read length, direct nanopore sequencing.

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  • Illumina Sequencing

    Illumina Sequencing

    BaseClear offers Illumina sequencing services on the HiSeq 2500 and MiSeq systems. These systems employs Illumina sequencing by synthesis (SBS) technology, which is the most widely adopted next-generation sequencing technology at this moment. Illumina sequencing, powered by TruSeq technology, delivers the highest yield of error-free data for the most sensitive or complex sequencing samples. With this we offer efficient and powerful high-throughput sequencing services for a broad range of applications.

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  • PacBio Sequencing

    PacBio Sequencing

    BaseClear offers high quality services using the latest platforms from Pacific Biosciences, the PacBio Sequel and Pac Bio RS II system. With these platforms BaseClear offers real-time sequencing of single molecules up to 30 kb. The data has added value for de-novo assembly, targeted sequencing, detection of structural variation and the direct detection of base modification. The main advantage of the Sequel system over the PacBio RS II platform is the higher output.

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  • MALDI-TOF Technology

    MALDI-TOF Technology

    MALDI-TOF identification using the VITEK® MS from bioMérieux is achieved by obtaining spectra using MALDI-TOF technology (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight) and analyzing the spectra with the VITEK® MS database. The peaks from these spectra are compared to the characteristic pattern for a species, genus, of family of micro-organism, thus resulting in an identification.

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  • MicroSEQ® system: Validated microbial identifications

    MicroSEQ® system: Validated microbial identifications

    BaseClear offers high quality microbial identifications using the validated MicroSEQ® system from Life Technologies. Identification of bacterial and fungal samples by PCR and DNA sequencing using MicroSEQ® validated protocols, kits and database.

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  • Custom sequence identifications

    Custom sequence identifications

    Identification of bacterial or fungal samples by PCR and DNA sequencing of customer requested genes. Primers bind to the conserved regions within the genes, while the divergent regions are sequenced for identification.

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  • Microbial Typing using REP-PCR

    Microbial Typing using REP-PCR

    REP-PCR typing generates a DNA fingerprint that is unique to the organism at the strain level. With a comprehensive, dynamic picture of any microbial environment, technicians can track and manage data at the strain level, letting them pinpoint contamination with a high level of speed, ease and precision.

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  • Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST)

    Multilocus Sequence Typing (MLST)

    MLST is a technique in molecular biology for the typing of bacterial species. The procedure characterizes isolates of bacterial species using the DNA sequences of internal fragments of multiple housekeeping genes and comparison to a public database for identification.

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  • Genotyping services

    Genotyping services

    BaseClear offers a complete range of reliable, high quality genotyping techniques and services. BaseClear not only performs standard genotyping assays, but can also carry out an entire genotyping project, including the design of a new assay that corresponds exactly to your needs.

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