World Microbiome Experts Quiz

Sign up now for the 1st World Microbiome Experts Quiz! The quiz will be held during a live event on Friday June 26,  2020 at 16.00 (CET). The winner will receive the trophy and become the ‘BaseClear Microbiome Master 2020’. In addition, the winner will receive a €250,- gift card! Also for other contesters ending in the top 10 we have prices!

Registration closed

Registration is closed and we have a winner! If you wish to play the 35-questions microbiome quiz on demand just for fun, leave your contact details so we can send you instructions.

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Challenge your Microbiome knowledge and win!

Celebrate World Microbiome Day with our free online World Microbiome Experts Quiz. Bring your microbiome knowledge and speed to win great prizes and chance to become the BaseClear Microbiome Master 2020! Register now for free for this quiz scheduled for Friday June 26 at 16.00 (CET)!

Next to the title and fame, the winner will get a €250,- gift card. Also we have great prices for the top 10 competitors, like kits to test your personal microbiome and ‘Treat your microbiome’ packages!

  • 1st place = €250,- gift card + trophy for BaseClear Microbiome Master 2020 + Free MyMicroZoo Gut Microbe Analysis kit
  • 2nd place = €100,- gift card + Free MyMicroZoo Gut Microbe Analysis kit
  • 3rd place = €50 gift card + Free MyMicroZoo Gut Microbe Analysis kit
  • 4rd – 5th place = Free MyMicroZoo Gut Microbe Analysis kit
  • 6th – 10th place = “Treat your microbiome” packages

The quiz will be presented during a live stream via Microsoft Teams on Friday June 26 at 16.00 CET. We’ll send you this on the day of the quiz by email

For the quiz we’ll be using Crowdpurr. You can join via a second screen or second device (e.g. a mobile phone). This is what you’ll use to answer the quiz questions.

Registration is open to everyone. Please share and invite others to register for this quiz!

Game Rules and Scores:

The quiz will take approximately 40 minutes. Points are awarded for correct answers and speed of answering. At the end of the quiz, Crowpurr will announce the top players who will win the prizes.

* BaseClear employees are excluded from winning prizes

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