The advent of Next-Generation sequencing has significantly advanced our ability to study microbial ecosystems in both humans and the environment using techniques like 16S rRNA and shotgun metagenomics. This has resulted in a surge of interest in microbiomics. However, to ensure reliable research outcomes, there’s a need for standardized methods and quality control measures. Zymo Research has addressed this need by developing the first commercially available Microbiomics Standards, which facilitate the development, evaluation, calibration, and validation of complex microbiomics workflows, including sample collection, preparation, and analysis.

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Zymo Research has made it their goal to eliminate bias across the entire microbiomic workflow. Their ZymoBIOMICS™ product line is a complete workflow, from collection to analysis, which offers streamlined collection, purification, and the first microbial community standards.

  1. Sample collection tools that can reliably provide a molecular snapshot at the time of collection by stabilizing the nucleic acids at ambient temperature and rendering the sample non-infectious for safe transport;
  2. Purification methodologies that take into consideration the biases associated with differential lysis efficiency of the organism being processed (e.g. Gram-positive and negative bacteria, fungus, and viruses);
  3. Analytical pipelines that reduce bias due to library preparation methods, PCR, and bioinformatics (e.g. GC content, log difference organism abundances, detection limit, and ability to distinguish closely related organisms).

HostZERO Microbial DNA

The HostZERO™ Microbial DNA kit reduces the amount of host DNA by selectively lysing eukaryotic cells, while keeping microbial cells intact. Thereby it overcomes the challenge of contaminating microbial samples with host DNA by enriching microbial DNA without introducing bias or loss of sample. This effective depletion of host DNA reduces cost and increases sensitivity for shotgun metagenomic sequencing.


  • Combines an innovative selective lysis technology with the non-biased ZymoBIOMICS™ purification
  • Maintains accurate microbial profile of samples
  • ≥90% depletion of eukaryotic host DNA
  • ≥85% recovery of microbial DNA
  • 30 min. hands-on time

Target Application:

Low-biomass microbial samples like saliva, swabs, and body fluids from eukaryotic hosts.

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