Sample collection & preservation

The collection and transportation of samples for subsequent nucleic acid analysis has historically been difficult due to DNA/RNA degradation or modification caused by environmental factors and by pathogens present in the sample. Current collection and transportation methods require the use of cold-chain logistics to prevent or slow down the degradation process. Likewise, in order to ship pathogenic samples a series of steps must be performed in order to inactivate the sample. In addition, depending on the sample being collected, specialized devices or equipment might be required.

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Wide range of sample collection devices

Zymo Research offers a wide range of sample collection devices that are tailored to the needs of scientists in the lab and out in the field. Their collection devices implement the DNA/RNA Shield™ technology, which can reliably provide a genetic snapshot at the time of collection by stabilizing the nucleic acids at ambient temperature for up to a month and rendering the sample non-infectious for safe transport. Samples collected in DNA/RNA Shield™ devices are prepared for worry-free transport and are ready for any downstream purification; and unlike any preservative on the market, there is no need for removal of the DNA/RNA Shield™ reagent. Zymo Research offers collection products for the following applications: 

  • Faecal samples
  • Urine samples
  • Swabs, e.g. for collection of skin, mouth, nose or throat samples
  • Blood samples
  • Environmental samples
  • Tissue & Insect samples
  • Pathogenic samples

Faecal collection & preservation

Zymo Research offers a wide range of sample collection devices that are tailored to the needs of scientists in the lab and out in the field, including specific collection devices and reagent for the collection of stool samples. The DNA/RNA Shield reagent inactivates infectious agents and ensures the genetic integrity and microbiomic profile of the sample remains intact during transport and storage.

  • DNA/RNA Shield Faecal Collection tubes (ZY-R1101) are designed for the collection and preservation of nucleic acids from stool specimens. These stool collection tubes take a microbial snapshot of a sample while inactivating viruses making samples safe and ready for transport. Samples stored in the these stool collection tubes are stable at ambient temperature, and can be frozen for longer-term storage. Simply collect a spoonful of the specimen into the stool collection tubes prefilled with preservative and shake vigorously to ensure proper stabilization.
  • Faeces Catcher (ZY-R1101-1-10) is a strip of paper that fits onto any toilet seat. It allows for an easy method to collect fecal samples for further testing. The Feces Catcher is a great addition to DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection Tubes, Swab tubes, and Lysis tubes.
  • DNA/RNA Shield (ZY-R1100-50/250 and ZY-R1200-25/125) is a DNA and RNA stabilization solution for nucleic acids in any biological sample. This DNA and RNA stabilization solution preserves the genetic integrity and expression profiles of samples at ambient temperatures and completely inactivates infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, & parasites). The unique DNA and RNA stabilization solution also prevents degradation from freeze-thaw cycling and unexpected freezer failures.
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