Summary & Highlights of Experts Meeting on Animal Microbiome and Sustainable Farming

The 4th Experts Meeting on Harnessing the Animal Microbiome towards Sustainable Farming was held on June 10, 2021. The meeting was co-hosted by CCO Derek Butler and Radhika Bongoni, Head of Business Development at BaseClear.

With the current focus on improving sustainability in general as part of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, farming practises are being analysed to help safeguard their production for coming generations. As one of the new frontiers of research, the microbiome is being researched for its role in improving sustainability, particularly in the area of livestock production. In the experts meeting today, current developments microbiome research for sustainability were discussed in detail.

Speakers & presentations

  • KEYNOTE: Sustainability and animal health, how the research on microbiome can help?
    Dr. Emmanuelle Apper – Lallemand
  • Feed additive safety assessment for EFSA approval
    Dr. Adalberto Costessi – BaseClear
  • Early life nutritional strategies for a sustainable start of the pig microbiome
    Dr. Anouschka Middelkoop – Schothorst Feed Research
  • Profitability and sustainability jigsaw in animal production: Is “gut health” the missing piece?
    Dr. Ajay Awati – EW Nutrition
  • Pre- and probiotics supporting small intestinal function in broilers
    Prof. Richard Ducatelle – Ghent University
  • Protected vitamins and biofactors to support health of broiler chickens
    Dr. Cristiano Bortoluzzi – Jefo


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