Next-Generation sequencing

BaseClear offers complete service packages using innovative Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies. These technologies enable the sequencing of complete genomes, metagenomes or transcriptomes within weeks or even days. For our next-generation sequencing services we use the platforms from Illumina, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore Technologies. With these technologies in-house we have the power and flexibility to deliver sequencing projects with the higest quality and shortest possible delivery times.


  • BaseClear is certified service provider for Oxford Nanopore sequencing
  • Certified Service Provider (CSPro) for Illumina sequencing
  • Broad range of standardized and optimized NGS applications available
  • Fast and guaranteed delivery times with our premium services
  • The latest available platforms:
    • Oxford Nanopore Technologies GridION X5
    • PacBio Sequel
    • Illumina NovaSeq and MiSeq
  • Expert advice about the optimal experimental design for your projects
  • Extensive bioinformatics data analysis possibilities, such as assembly, annotation, SNP detection, or tailored bioinformatics analyses
  • Strong focus and experience on microbial genomics
  • Independent sequencing company
  • Many satisfied customers worldwide
Researchers looking at NGS services results

Next-gen sequencing services

BaseClear offers convenient and high-quality next gen sequencing services for many years now. Our customers can rely on top-level technologies, including those of Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Illumina and Pacific Biosciences. Our team can take care of the full project from start-to-finish. We can give advise and provide consultancy to define the optimal setup for your project. All our data is carefully processed and analysed by our dedicated bioinformatics team.

BaseClear Nanopore sequencing technology

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