Sample collection & preservation

The collection and transportation of samples for subsequent nucleic acid analysis has historically been difficult due to DNA/RNA degradation or modification caused by environmental factors and by pathogens present in the sample. Current collection and transportation methods require the use of cold-chain logistics to prevent or slow down the degradation process. Likewise, in order to ship pathogenic samples a series of steps must be performed in order to inactivate the sample. In addition, depending on the sample being collected, specialized devices or equipment might be required.

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Wide range of sample collection devices

Zymo Research offers a wide range of sample collection devices that are tailored to the needs of scientists in the lab and out in the field. Their collection devices implement the DNA/RNA Shield™ technology, which can reliably provide a genetic snapshot at the time of collection by stabilizing the nucleic acids at ambient temperature for up to a month and rendering the sample non-infectious for safe transport. Samples collected in DNA/RNA Shield™ devices are prepared for worry-free transport and are ready for any downstream purification; and unlike any preservative on the market, there is no need for removal of the DNA/RNA Shield™ reagent. Zymo Research offers collection products for the following applications: 

  • Faecal samples
  • Urine samples
  • Swabs, e.g. for collection of skin, mouth, nose or throat samples
  • Blood samples
  • Environmental samples
  • Tissue & Insect samples
  • Pathogenic samples
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Wide range of Zymo Research sample collections

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