Animal microbiome analysis

Research into the animal microbiome focuses on studying the microbial populations that inhabit animals, in order to determine their role in health, disease, and development. A better understanding and control of the microbiome of animals will improve animal nutrition through probiotics, feed additives and customised diets.

BaseClear offers you complete animal microbiome analysis and reporting services for better insights into microbial populations and their functions. BaseClear is involved in many projects that are focused on this emerging research area to identify and characterise the microbiomes of various animal species.

How seaweed blends enhance the animal microbiome

On the market you hear a lot of claims about new gut health ingredients, but few of these claims are backed by clear evidence. At BaseClear we create such data, so that when we say that we have a strong prebiotic, we can prove it.

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Our animal microbiome solutions

The animal microbiome shapes the growth, metabolism, feed utilization, immune system, body composition, and even behaviour of the host animal. The animal gut microbiome is considered as an organ that converts unabsorbed feed into thousands of biomolecules that affect animal performance, physiology and health. BaseClear offers several services packages to help you gain more insight into these processes.

Our expertise encompasses: 

  • Microbiome expert partner for in vitro/in vivo research and field trials
  • Metatranscriptomics and metabolic pathway analysis: measuring the effect of prebiotics, probiotics, synbiotics or enzymes
  • Strain tracking & colonisation using metagenomics analysis and quantitative PCR
  • Host-specific microbial gene and genome catalogues, including for rumen, swine and poultry
  • Pathogen detection & surveillance
  • Discovery of novel strains or enzymes with our strain discovery solution
  • Key biomarker discovery
  • Safety assessment of microbial-driven feed additives for regulatory approval


Poultry Animal Microbiome

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