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The microbiome plays an important role in human health and is linked to a growing range of human diseases. The BaseClear experts are ready to help you study the connection between the microbiome and human health to discover biomarkers of disease, develop new products, and generate valuable insights into human health. BaseClear offers complete oral microbiome analysis solutions to support your research and development of oral healthcare products or specific probiotics. For other products, a scalp microbiome analysis might be required to prove a product is microbiome-friendly. Also, a vaginal microbiome analysis might be necessary for the development of probiotics and other treatments for vaginal infections and dysbiosis in the vaginal microbiome, to show their efficacy.

With our microbiome analysis, genomics, and related approaches we have solutions ready to cover the entire value chain. BaseClear is a pioneer and preferred provider for many leading brands in the human health industry.

Meet Eline Klaassens!

Human microbiome specialist Eline Klaassens joined BaseClear to use her expertise as Product Manager Human Health. “I’ve always had a strong interest in sustainability and human health. Many people have health problems related to gut dysbiosis. Through my studies, I’ve learnt a lot about the gut microbiome and I’d like to use my knowledge to improve people’s wellbeing through applications developed with microbial genomics,” she comments. Eline advises clients about genomics analyses for expert projects for clinical trials and the food industry. "As a human microbiome expert, customers value my contribution to interpretation of the analyses to support their projects. I make an important contribution to the success of their research due to my specialised academic background,” she notes.

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