Monitoring microbial contaminants

BaseClear offers testing services for very fast detection and identifications of microbial contaminants using state-of-the-art molecular methods.

If necessary, we can deliver your microbial contamination identification results within 1 day! Depending on the quality level that you need, you can choose our ISO-compliant services or our GMP-certified services via our GMP brand ProBase Pharma.

Microbial contaminations in the food and pharma industry

For the development and production of pharmaceutics, biologics and food ingredients, it is important to ensure that the whole production process, from raw materials to final end products, is free of any microbial contamination.

Fungal and bacterial contaminations can cause recalls and even plant shutdowns, resulting in high costs, loss of public confidence and potential legal procedures. Both the pharmaceutical and food industries are subject to a variety of laws and regulations regarding testing and product safety.

Contamination crisis plans require periodic testing for the presence of microorganisms in the environment, raw materials, intermediate products and end products. BaseClear can help you to fulfil these requirements.

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