DNA purification

The method used for the isolation and purification of DNA from biological samples and reaction mixtures is critical to the success of subsequent downstream molecular applications. Considering this, the scientists at Zymo Research have developed a portfolio of DNA stabilization, DNA isolation, and DNA clean-up products for the simple and rapid recovery of high-yield, inhibitor-free DNA from diverse sample sources. Zymo Research offers innovative DNA purification products that are high quality, easy to use, reliable, and affordable.

This is a summary of the DNA isolation and purification products of Zymo Research. For more details about these products please visit http://www.zymoresearch.com/DNA. For pricing, please inquire via our contact form.


The comprehensive line of DNA products includes kits for routine DNA clean-up, plasmid purification, genomic and environmental DNA isolation, and much more. In addition, Zymo Research offers many other unique technologies to facilitate accurate DNA analysis, including DNA markers, DNA polymerases, nucleases, modifying enzymes, and technologies specifically designed for the removal of enzymatic (PCR) inhibitors from impure preparations of DNA. Advantages of these products include:

  • Low elution volumes (>6 µl)
  • No retention volume, therefore no loss of DNA
  • No wash residue carryover
  • Fast and simple protocols (e.g. PCR clean-up within 2 minutes)
  • High yields of extremely pure DNA
  • All components can be ordered individually
  • Kits are available for the isolation of fragment DNA, plasmid DNA and genomic DNA from many different sources
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Zymo research Sample Kit

DNA purification sample kits

Sample-sized kits of Zymo Research DNA purification technologies are available for your evaluation. To order your free sample kit, please fill in the sample kit request form. You will receive the requested test kits for evaluation without any obligations.

BaseClear can only offer sample kits to customers in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Visit http://www.zymoresearch.com/distributors to find distributors for other countries.

Zymo Research Sample Kit

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