Zymo Research has developed a range of premade, chemically competent E. coli strains for high efficiency transformation (> 108 transformants/µg pUC19 DNA). These innovative Mix & Go Competent Cells feature a streamlined transformation procedure that eliminates heat shock, long incubations, and the need for electroporation. With the chemically competent Mix & Go E. coli from Zymo Research, a scientist can transform cells in less than 20 seconds… Simply mix and plate!

Zymo Research also provides the reagents so researchers can make their own Mix & Go Competent E. coli from their favourite lab strains. Included is a specially formulated growth medium, ZymoBroth™, which enhances the transformation efficiencies of many K- and B-strains of E. coli. Increase transformation efficiency and decrease transformation time with the Mix & Go system!

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Chemically Competent Cells

The Mix & Go Competent Cells from Zymo Research offer the simplest and most efficient means of E. coli transformation. Zymo Research’s scientists have developed a unique method that completely eliminates the need for heat shock, lengthy incubations, and outgrowth steps. Simply mix DNA with the cells then spread directly to a plate… Mix & Go! The competent cells are highly efficient and can be used for cloning, sub-cloning, library construction, etc. These can be purchased as individual 100 µl aliquots or as 50 µl aliquots in a 96-well format.

XJ Autolysis™ E. coli offer a new alternative for recombinant protein expression and lysis. Autolysis strains are efficiently lysed following treatment with arabinose and the induced expression of bacteriophage λ endolysin. Coupled with a single freeze-thaw step, the cells greatly simplify protein expression and purification. They are also available with a DE3 lysogen encoding the T7 polymerase for expressing recombinant proteins driven by the T7 promoter, and all Autolysis strains are suitable for nucleic acid purification.

Transformation Kits & Accessories

The scientists at Zymo Research have developed uniquely formulated reagents that make it easy to generate Mix & Go Competent Cells from current E. coli strains that are available in the laboratory.

With the Mix & Go transformation method, requirements for heat shock and related procedures are no longer necessary. Instead, Mix & Go bacterial transformation can be performed by adding DNA to Mix & Go Competent Cells and spreading onto a plate. Transformation efficiencies are typically on the order of 108-109 transformants/µg plasmid DNA with most E. coli strains. Simply grow the E. coli strain of your choice, wash, and then re-suspend the cells in the provided buffers. The cells are now transformation ready!

To enhance the transformation efficiency, Zymo Research offers a specially formulated growth medium used for the preparation of highly competent E. coli cells for DNA transformation, ZymoBroth™. When compared to classic SOB growth medium, ZymoBroth™ dramatically increases transformation efficiency, typically on the order of 5 – 100 fold (depending on the E. coli strain).

Transformation Kits and Accessories Zymo Research

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