Urine microbiome analysis

For a long time, the human urinary tract was assumed to be sterile. However, several recent studies suggest the presence of commensal species within the human urinary and urogenital tracts, opening up a new field of research with enormous potential clinical benefits. At BaseClear, we support studies designed to deepen understanding of the human urine microbiome by providing complete microbiome analysis and reporting services.

The urine microbiome

The urine microbiome is a relatively new term, and a reference to the recently disproven dogma of urinary tract sterility. Using next generation sequencing technologies, a range of bacterial species have been detected in urine, and there is evidence to support the presence of commensal species in the urinary and urogenital tract.

Such a finding could transform approaches to managing urinary tract infections, where antibiotics are used to eliminate the pathogen. Determining the role of the microbial community in urinary tract health is now a major research priority. BaseClear offers species-level shotgun microbiome analysis, which is needed to provide a complete picture of microbial function and composition in the urine sample.

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