Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) services

Real‐time quantitative PCR (qPCR) technique combines the specificity and speed of conventional PCR with the ability to quantify target sequences without cultivation and is suitable for rapid quantification of microbes/targets directly from the DNA of complex samples.

BaseClear offers highly specific and sensitive qPCR quantification services to accurately detect and quantify target DNA sequences (total bacteria, fungi and eukaryotes)  in a myriad of sample matrices.

Our team of experienced molecular biologists and bioinformaticians offer assay design expertise ensuring that our customers receive optimized assays for their unique targets. We offer a high level of customization, working closely with customers to design assays tailored to their unique target sequences and experimental needs.

Our streamlined development process and competitive pricing also ensures that our customers get high-quality custom assays without unnecessary delays or expenses [Assay and sample (>236 samples/target)  quantification within 4 weeks].


Pharmaceutical and Biotech applications: Reliable and customized qPCR assays required for drug discovery, development, and validation of diagnostic assays.
Clinical diagnostics: Medical professionals performing molecular diagnostics, requiring precise and sensitive qPCR assays for patient testing.
Agri-Food Industry: qPCR analysis to screen, detect pathogens or monitor genetically modified organisms.
Environmental Monitoring: qPCR analysis applied to monitoring environmental samples for various targets, such as pollutants or specific microorganisms,.
R&D facilities/departments: Tailored qPCR assays to advance research and development projects.

What we offer

Assay Design and Optimization: Expert design of primers and probes for target DNA sequence quantification . Use of optimized and validated conditions to ensure sensitivity, specificity, and efficiency.
Customization: Tailoring assays to unique target sequences and experimental requirements.
Primer and Probe Synthesis: High-quality synthesis of primers and probes for accurate target amplification, detection and quantification.
Quality Control: Evaluation of assay performance using generated standard curve, positive and negative controls. Assessment of amplification efficiency and specificity to ensure reliable results.
Custom Reporting: Comprehensive reporting on assay development, evaluation and sample quantification results.
Turnaround Time: Offering assay development and delivery options to meet urgent project timelines.

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