We are proud of our experts and expertise that we have available. Since our foundation in 1993, we have developed a powerful combination of expertise in molecular biology, genomics and DNA-based research, as well as in microbiology, microbiome analysis and its application in human health, personal care and animal nutrition. We work from our award-winning Nucleus building, in which we have installed the latest robotics and analysis equipment. With our focus on both creativity and innovation, we are able to offer our customers customised solutions based on the latest technologies.

We believe in having an open and collaborative atmosphere, where we welcome our partners and customers, work closely with them and offer them support by creating customised solutions. We want to create an environment in which both our employees and our clients enjoy what they are doing. We believe in building communities to explore the potential of microorganisms together. We do this, for example, with joint publications on industrial applications and with expert meetings that we organise throughout the year.

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