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BaseClear offers high quality DNA and RNA sequencing services and complete bioinformatics solutions since 1993. And we have achieved a lot in more than offering 25 years of DNA sequencing services. We have developed online portals which allows our customers to view and analyse their results on-the-fly. This provides our customers with an easy to use solution to interpret Next Generation Sequencing data online without the need to install software. In addition our dedicated R&D department is always working on the development of new genomic technologies to answer the questions which cannot be solved at this moment.

The facts


The DNA team

More than 50 highly educated and experienced specialists are ready to take up your next project. Our team can advise you, both during the project planning stage and implementation of the project regarding sample preparation and the best approach to use.

  • Bas Reichert CEO
    Bas Reichert
  • Erna Barèl CFO
    Erna Barèl
  • Derek Butler Director Genomics
    Derek Butler
  • Richard de Winter Director Sanger sequencing and microbiology
    Richard de Winter
  • Walter Pirovano Director Bioinformatics
    Walter Pirovano
  • Patrick Koning Director Marketing & Communications
    Patrick Koning
  • Evelien Zeinstra Senior account manager
    Evelien Zeinstra
  • Björn te Boekhorst Senior account manager
    Björn te Boekhorst
  • Bas Schenkeveld Account manager
    Bas Schenkeveld
  • Myrte Schreuder Inside Sales Support
    Myrte Schreuder
  • Anita Kok Marketing assistant
    Anita Kok
  • Adalberto Costessi Product Manager Next Generation Sequencing
    Adalberto Costessi
  • Tom van den Bogert Product manager Metagenomics
    Tom van den Bogert
  • Danny Duijsings Head of research & development
    Danny Duijsings
  • Jan Peter Heutink Manager Operations
    Jan Peter Heutink
  • Karen den Hollander Quality Manager
    Karen den Hollander
  • Mike Lake Laboratory- and facility manager
    Mike Lake
  • Ali Vahidnia Manager Microbiology
    Ali Vahidnia
  • Leon de Boer Manager Sanger Sequencing
    Leon de Boer
  • Erik Hopmans Manager Next Generation Sequencing.
    Erik Hopmans
  • Iris Kolder Senior Bioinformatician
    Iris Kolder
  • Ali May Senior Bioinformatician
    Ali May
  • Marten Boetzer Senior Bioinformatician
    Marten Boetzer
  • Marta ter Haar Bioinformatician
    Marta ter Haar
  • Jonathan de Boer Bioinformatics Software Specialist
    Jonathan de Boer
  • Benjamin Versteeg Bioinformatics Software Engineer
    Benjamin Versteeg
  • Hilde Stawski Bioinformatics Software Engineer
    Hilde Stawski
  • Daniëlle Israeli Technician
    Daniëlle Israeli
  • Diana van Rossen Senior Technician
    Diana van Rossen
  • Erwin Fakkert Senior Technician
    Erwin Fakkert
  • Jessie Meijering Technician
    Jessie Meijering
  • Roel Maassen Technician
    Roel Maassen
  • Sophie de Wit Technician
    Sophie de Wit
  • Clarissa Kooi Technician
    Clarissa Kooi
  • Carlijn Heerikhuisen Senior Technician
    Carlijn Heerikhuisen
  • Jeroen Bonnema Senior technician R&D
    Jeroen Bonnema
  • Tatiana van der Meer Technician
    Tatiana van der Meer
  • Sander Mulders Senior technician
    Sander Mulders
  • Marianne Grims Technician
    Marianne Grims
  • Lisanne Struive Technician
    Lisanne Struive
  • Marcel de Winter Technician
    Marcel de Winter
  • Leonie Bergwerff Technician
    Leonie Bergwerff
  • Remy van der Hulst Technician
    Remy van der Hulst
  • Mitchell Laurens Technician
    Mitchell Laurens
  • Hester Jongbloed Technician
    Hester Jongbloed
  • Ellen de Lange Senior technician
    Ellen de Lange
  • Redouane Essakali Lab assistant
    Redouane Essakali
  • Marielle Breedeveld Lab assistant
    Marielle Breedeveld
  • Jurgen Neelen General affairs
    Jurgen Neelen
  • Ingrid Wink Receptionist
    Ingrid Wink
  • Alie Bril Administration Assistant
    Alie Bril
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