Genomics expertise and consultancy to accelerate the understanding and use of microorganisms

The microbial world

We live in a planet that is dominated by microbial communities. Exploitation of the microbial world is essential for a sustainable, safer and healthier future. As genomics experts and through sustainable partnerships BaseClear offers consultancy and technological expertise to accelerate the understanding and use of microorganisms. BaseClear offers a complete range of microbial genomics services, including metagenomics, microbiome analysis and microbial strain characterisation services. BaseClear can provide access to the latest genomics technologies and bioinformatics solutions to answer your research questions in the best possible manner.

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More than 60 highly educated and experienced specialists are ready to take up your next project. Our team can advise you, both during the project planning stage and implementation of the project regarding sample preparation and the best approach to use.

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