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Microbes have a huge potential to contribute to the solution of a large ­number of issues facing the modern world, ranging from antibiotic ­resistance and personal disease to poor crop yields and problems caused by global ­warming. BaseClear has been on the forefront of the microbial genomics revolution since 1993. As genomics and microbiome experts and through sustainable partnerships BaseClear helps to accelerate the ­understanding and use of microorganisms. We support our clients from all around the world and from all kinds of industries in improving their products & ­processes, gaining approval and confirming claims. BaseClear is always striving to ­improve and implement the latest technologies to create the solutions of ­tomorrow, to improve the quality of life and contribute to a healthy and ­sustainable future for the planet.

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More than 60 highly educated and experienced specialists are ready to take up your next project. Our team can advise you, both during the project planning stage and implementation of the project regarding sample preparation and the best approach to use.

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