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The bioinformatics specialists at BaseClear have developed interactive online platforms which are specifically designed to provide customers with interactive tools to easily interpret their Next Generation sequencing data. These online tools are the ideal starting point for viral, bacterial and fungal genome analysis, be it a single genome, a complete strain collection or a metagenomic community. They constitute a safe repository for all your samples and can be viewed without any software installation. At present there are three different portals, for each a comprehensive manual is available.

BaseClear Genome Explorer –
A portal to mine and compare whole genomes.

BaseClear metaGenome Browser (BmGB) –
Multilevel taxonomic analysis across 16S amplicons.
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Virus diagnostics 2.0 –
On-the-fly analysis of viral communities in plants and animals.

Server security and data integrity is guaranteed through through SSH server-client connections and additional security measures. Licenses are generally freely offered in combination with our sequencing and bioinformatics packages, and valid for one year. For additional questions or a free trial please contact us at


  • Safe repository of your genomic data stored at an independent service provider
  • Free license in combination with a sequencing/bioinformatics project*
  • Easy and fast screening of multiple samples and strain collections (up to 10.000 samples) 
  • Specifically designed for analysis of viruses and bacterial and fungal communities 
  • Advanced search functions and local BLAST 
  • Unique genome comparison module to detect similarities/differences between strains 
  • Multiple options for export of results (i.e. figures, tables, etc.) 
  • No installation of software needed 
  • Online portals are supported by Firefox, Internet Explorer (version 9 and higher) and Chrome 
  • No additional fee for multiple users, easy way of sharing results with a team 
  • Possibility to customize the online portal to meet your specific needs, in-house bioinformaticians are available to provide a fast implementation 
  • Possibility to connect upload other genomes (e.g. GenBank) and/or connect with genome databases (e.g. NCBI genomes)
* Free license is offered for a period of one year. Bioinformatics analysis needs to include annotation or microbial profiling analysis.

Meet Walter Pirovano!

Walter is director of the bioinformatics department and supervises our team of excellent bioinformaticians with expertise in the field of next-gen analysis and (far) beyond.

Testimonial DuPont Industrial Biosciences

The support that BaseClear has provided in the field of bioinformatics and downstream processing of next generation sequencing data has been extremely important for us. There are of course other organisations that offer next generation sequencing but that does not mean that you have everything you need. BaseClear's extra service is unique and represents one of their great strengths.

Senior Scientist


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