With our prepaid sequencing service you can sequence at the lowest available price. Prepaid barcode labels can be ordered, each valid for one sequencing reaction. For this service submit your samples as premix of purified DNA and primer in one of our BaseClear Traxis tubes.


  • Prepaid BarCode labels can be ordered through our convenient online portal
  • Submit premix samples in our Traxis tubes
  • Traxis tubes can be ordered for free with our BaseBox service
  • Single sequencing reaction up to 1.100 base pairs
  • Data analysis by KB caller, for superior base calling and sequence data interpretation
  • Full report, including sequence data in FASTA and SCF and ABI format
  • No manual data editing
  • No rerun of failed reactions
  • Delivery time: 1 – 2 working days after we receive the samples
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Testimonial Erasmus MC

BaseClear sequenced for us thousands of samples of people suffering from severe mental and physical disabilities. I have used that data for my PhD thesis research to investigate if there was a relation with mutations in certain thyroid hormone transporters or enzymes. With BaseClear sequencing all the DNA, I was able to devote my time to all the other aspects of the research. The guidance and support was very positive not to mention the technical assistance that really addressed the needs we had.

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