With our partner Bio Basic we can now offer a Custom Antibody service. Whether you desire antibodies for Western Blot or Immunohistochemistry, ELISA or ambitious projects that are highly-specialized to your lab, Bio Basic can help you obtain the results that you need. Their packages are structured and give you the freedom to synthesize (from cDNA, peptide or protein) an antibody that will be successful in basic applications or guaranteed to work in your assay of choice.

Our qualified staff and experienced scientists can help you choose the Custom Antibody package that suits your project goals. We will keep you informed throughout the generation of custom antibodies. Contact info@baseclear.com to request your quote. Our goal is to deliver superior results in the most cost-effective manner!


  • ELISA titre guarantee > 1:100,000 (Monoclonal) and > 1:50,000 (Polyclonal) and Dot Blot guarantee
  • Application-guaranteed monoclonal and polyclonal antibody packages that will always produce the antibody you need
  • Rapid and constant communication to keep you up-to-date on the status of your project
  • All of our shipped antibodies are lyophilized for ease of transport and prevention of degradation
  • Industry-leading peptide design and synthesis protocols to ensure your antigens generate optimal immune responses
  • Highly competitive pricing
Features custom antibody service

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