Mycoplasma contamination of cell cultures and other cell-derived chemicals is a widespread problem in biological laboratories and production facilities. They are relatively small and resistant to common antibiotics, Mycoplasma infections often escape notice. However, Mycoplasma contamination can have mild to severe consequences, including changes in membrane composition, cell metabolism, DNA, RNA and protein synthesis and even chromosomal aberrations. Nowadays, Mycoplasma testing is required for meeting quality control standards for laboratories concerning research, production and maintenance of cell lines.

BaseClear Quality Solutions offers a Mycoplasma testing service using a validated PCR test. In addition, we offer the possibility to further characterize positive samples and identify the exact Mycoplasma strains that are present. This enables you to conduct a root cause analysis.


Testing for Mycoplasma infection is an essential requirement for laboratories concerned with research, production and maintenance of cell lines, since Mycoplasma contamination is a recurring problem that may cause non-reproducible results in research and productivity loss. BaseClear Quality Solutions recommends routine diagnostic Mycoplasma testing of cell cultures on a monthly basis, as well as prior to cell-banking and cryopreservation.

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Mycoplasma identification

Positive Mycoplasma samples can be further characterised by BaseClear Quality Solutions. We can perform Mycoplasma identification using the MicroSEQ identification system. MicroSEQ is a revolutionary system for the identification of microbiological samples, based on PCR and sequencing of the 16S rDNA genes. This system provides accurate and reproducible results without the need for time-consuming growth.

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